To The Stars

Rose-infused cocktails? Say what? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m excited to partner up with Gran Gala to bring you the perfect cocktail recipe for that date night with your significant other.

If you’re not familiar with Gran Gala, it’s a blend of Italian VSOP brandy infused with fresh oranges. I figured this would pair really well with the floral aspect of rosebud tea, zestiness from fresh squeezed lemon and bringing it all together with a rich coconut cream. 

Check out the recipe below!

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  • 1 oz. Gran Gala Liqueur

  • 1 oz. Rose-infused Wheatley Vodka

  • ½ oz. Dry Vermouth

  • ½ oz. Peychaud’s Aperitivo

  • ½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

  • 3 Barspoons Coconut Cream

  • 4 Drops Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate

  • Dried Rosebuds (for Garnish)

  • 1 Pinch Smoked Salt


Combine all ingredients except the garnish in a shaking tin with ice. Shake vigorously and double strain into a chilled coupe.  Garnish with dried rosebuds.  Serve and enjoy!


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