No one will feed you as well as someone who loves you. I believe that. I believe there’s a tangible, transferable value of love in cooking for people…
— Alton Brown

hey there...

I’m Miguel! I was born in Manila, Philippines, raised in Orlando, FL and currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina with my wife (Brie), son (Bennett) and our dog (Marty).

My interest in cooking blossomed at a relatively early age due to the fact that I grew up with two Filipino grandmothers who were INCREDIBLE cooks.  Naturally, being the chubby little dude that I was, I was always in the kitchen to help [taste] anything and everything.  After a few years in both kitchens, under the tutelage of both grandmothers, my ‘help’ evolved from tasting their food to chopping and prep work (fun fact: I fully deboned my first whole chicken at the age of 11).  After a few months of this, all the chopping and prepping eventually led to cooking.  Cooking was by no means ever a chore for me (and it still isn’t), I cherished spending time with both grandmothers in the kitchen and learning something new from them every time we cooked together.  Those memories are something I hope I can recreate with my children and grandchildren someday.  In some ways, this blog and its content probably would not have existed if it wasn’t for my grandmothers; and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Through the years since, I’ve come a long way from sneaking tastes from my grandmothers’ kitchens  Between tutored by old cooking shows like Good Eats by Alton Brown and multiple failed attempts at a copious amount of recipes and ‘experiments’, I am still constantly honing my craft (get it?).  Whether it be cooking, mixing up classic cocktails, smoking barbecue or just recently, tasting/collecting a modest bourbon collection; I still consider myself a student of what the culinary world has to offer, and I’m hungry to learn and taste all of it.